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NEW T5HO Tube Guard

T5 HD Tube Guard features an increased size and venting endcaps. The increased size allows a greater distance of the guard from the hottest point of the lamp near the end of the lamp. This distance reduces the temperature of the guard material measured at the inside wall of the guard. The T5 HO Tube Guard is suitable for use with T5 HO lamps in normal operating conditions where the surface of the lamp does not exceed 200°F. Download Ordering Guide Information HERE


Traditional Safety Tubes

Safety Tube guards are a must for any area in which the debris from a broken lamp cannot be tolerated. Standard for T5*, T8* and T12* lamps. 4' and 8' lengths, other sizes available. Unbreakable polycarbonate with end caps.

SLP Stock
-    Clear
-    Bug Yellow

Special Order
-    Pink
-    Red
-    Blue
-    UV filtering

*Traditional Safety Tubes NOT suitable for HO and VHO lamps

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