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SLP Lighting History

SLP has been serving the lighting industry since 1969. The first lighting company to have both injection molding and metalizing under one roof to ensure proper quality throughout the entire process.


In 1969, Koller Enterprises Inc. bought the plastic louver business of MSL Industries and formed Scientific Lighting Products(SLP). SLP started with three different louvers and based on customer needs, expanded and refined the offering of plastic louvers, metal louvers and weatherproof enclosures.

Early on, the metalized plastic louvers were produced under contract by a molder in Massachusetts. In order to control quality and costs, in 1978, SLP decided to bring the molding and metalizing in-house. A facility was built and deal was struck with the Massachusetts contractor to buy their metalizing equipment and expertise. Over this time additional metalizing and painting equipment was purchased and two major additions were built to keep up with the ever growing demands of our customers.

Knowing that the US represented only 20% of the world lighting marketing in the early '90s, SLP decided to go international. A key part was played in 1994 when SLP UK was formed as a subsidiary in England. This allowed SLP to gain a solid foothold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Eastern Block while the US expanded into Southeast Asia, Australia, Central and South America to become a major player in the Global market.

Today SLP shows all over the world: Light + Building in Frankfurt, India Light Fair in Delhi, Middle East Show in Dubai, Indonesian Power in Jakarta, Lightfair USA in New York/Las Vegas and Intex Show in the USA.


As the needs of our customers grew, SLP responded. T8 and T5 lamps were becoming more prevalent and the industry was tired of the same old weatherproof enclosures, so SLP found and developed a new model with better performance: the Citadel 2. The Citadel 2 is still one of the fastest growing products and is quickly becoming the industry standard for weatherproof enclosures.

SLP saw the growth of the T5 lamp in Europe and how the lamp was utilized. Most used aluminum louvers which are easily damaged and were inconsistent due to the process. SLP decided to develop a product around the lamp which solved the problem of efficiency and durability: Hi-Cell. Developed with 42 Partners in the UK and utilizing our injection molding and metalizing capabilities and expertise, the highly efficient louver has an 80% Light Output Ratio (LOR) with a durable and highly repeatable finish.

Many in the lighting industry need the durability of weatherproof enclosures with the light output of the fluorescent hi-bays at a competitive price. SLP worked hard to blend the two concepts into the Citadel 4, an IP rated enclosure that delivers the high light output while keeping the cost reasonable.

As a commitment to our customers, SLP continues to re-invest heavily in research and development along with the very latest technology in our plants, for a continued stream of new products, quality and cost control. This enables SLP to assist our customers in meeting the everyday challenges in an ever changing global marketplace.
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